Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Human Centipede (my sweet three hounds)

Lindsay (Williams) and Jenny (Yennie) are two college girls in Germany looking for a good time. They leave their hotel room and head out into the night to find a club they’ve heard about. On a road in the woods, they suffer a flat tire and, after avoiding a lecherous fellow driver’s sexual advances, end up striking out into the woods to lights they see in the distance for help. If you’ve watched many horror films that have come out over the last few years, this probably seems like a story you’ve heard before, but as The Human Centipede progresses, it becomes anything but.
They come upon the house of the retired German doctor, Dr. Heiter (Laser). Heiter claims he will help them get a car to rescue them and offers them some water. Unfortunately, the phone call is faked and the water is drugged. Before the women know it, they wake up in hospital beds in Heiter’s basement. Heiter, previously in his life, became known for separating conjoined twins. Now free to pursue his own interests, he’s taken a liking to…reconnecting things.
After a somewhat successful preliminary experiment in which he created a “Siamese triplet” from his beloved dogs, Dr. Heiter has decided to move on to creating a “Siamese triplet” of humans, or a “human centipede”, surgically linked together by their gastric system, i.e. anus to mouth, and forcibly surgically adjusted to perpetually be on their hands and knees. He plans to combineThe Human Centipede (2010) White Coat the two girls as the middle (Lindsay) and end (Jenny) and connect them to the front of the centipede, a third victim he’s abducted named Katsuro (Kitamura). Given that much of what I’ve discussed happens fairly early in The Human Centipede, it is only a minor spoiler that I say he successfully completes the deranged operation (it’s also shown in the trailer). What are his plans for his new “creation” and is there any way his victims can escape the mad doctor?

so if you wanna know it's something like this see i told you gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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