Thursday, September 16, 2010

DOPE PEDDLEZ OF THE DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well sicnce this stupid ass cap lock shit won't turn off , even though i pushed the button already im gonna have to present today' dope peddlez.
Today we are introducing Rust Heap, a multi-brand collaboration BMX bike that was over a year in the making. Brought together by longtime BMX pro Mike Ardelean and Tim Swart of UNIV, the two friends connected their network of eight other friendly brands to build a customized project bike. The entire collaborative brand roster includes Verde, UNIV, Odyssey, Duo, Defgrip, Ludwig Van, G-Sport and The Laboratory. The bike was put to the test this past weekend by pros Mike Ardelean, Jim Bauer and Gary Young.
Rust Heap features the highest quality parts from the various collaborative partners. The Verde Cartelframe/fork/bars were painted by The Laboratory to look like rust. It was given many layers of paint in different textures over a multi-week period to achieve the look of something that had been pulled from the bottom of the ocean. The custom-made UNIV head badge adds to the bike’s D.I.Y. personality.
The bike is now on display at Univ. Check out the bike in more detail, as well as some action shots, after the jump.ddlez of the week in it.

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